D Gordon Development ("DGD") is a boutique firm that specializes in researching and developing growth opportunities for you and your firm. DGD is located in the Greater Los Angeles, CA Region (USA). We are available nationwide as well as international to assist your organization.

DGD is a diverse, global business-consulting firm that finds innovative solutions for our clients’ most pressing challenges. DGD works across many industries and geographies. We believe in individualized service and tailored solutions. We help you reach your vision by employing an appropriate mix of expertise in: Research, Business Development/Marketing, Emerging Markets Consulting, Strategic Management, IT Consulting, Language, Translation and Civic Affairs.

DGD introduces you to potential alliance partners, suppliers, vendors, and the people you need to know to get done what needs to be done. We have working knowledge of English, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian and Ukrainian and we’ll even travel with you to shepherd your success.

We specialize in business opportunities for companies that do business in – or want to – in North America, China, Middle East, and Russia/Eastern Europe. DGD knows the languages, politics, rules, nuances, customs and business practices. DGD can provide all of the necessary linguistic expertise and cultural advice needed to ensure that your organization’s goals and objectives are successfully accomplished. DGD builds lasting relationships with our clients and assist them when they need to be fluid and adapt quickly to the changing marketplace. Simply put, we solve your business challenges so you can out perform.

Contact DGD for more information on how we can assist your organization with its present or pending business requirements in North America, China, Middle East and Russia/Eastern Europe. Let us navigate the uncertainty so you can do more.


U.S. & Canada: 1 (866) 794-1851 • International: (424) 270-0444 • in...@dgordondevelopment.com